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"In the beginning there was this fish..." --The Firesign Theatre

You go, boy!

"So long as half of the earners in America continue to pay more than 95 percent of federal income taxes while the other half pay less than 5 percent, opportunities for exploitation abound. Expect more grandiose promises this election year for new and expanded entitlements, implying ever more dependence on the state. If people don't value their freedom and feel no shame about taking other people's money, they might as well sell to the highest bidder. The rest of us must find another path." --Charlotte Twight (from the Federalist Update)

Welcome to Sissyfish@Home. You may wonder why the strange name...well, the story is silly and goes back to fifth grade when, well, that doesn't matter, but the why, well,... It's a play on names and subtle shades of meaning, all of which have significance only for me and would be excruciatingly boring to you if I attempted to explain. Suffice it to say, the choice was a tongue-in-cheek play on the names of a Greek mythical anti-hero, Sisyphus, and my own childhood nickname.
I feel a certain sympathique for the guy's fate, which somewhat parallels all of our lives at some point or another. Albert Camus, that famous French existentialist, in a study on frustration refers to Sisyphus as the absurd hero. Sisyphus, was his own worst enemy, true; he broke the rules of his time and his punishment was being sentenced to an eternity of frustration; Sisyphus had to roll a huge rock up a mountain, never getting it over the top and having nothing but rock rolling to look forward to each day, forever! So how absurd is that, Camus, I ask you. I see futility and frustration, but absurdity? I see in Sisyphus' story, the wanting to live and die as you please, not as society or an elitist group dictates, as absurd as any human effort, ancient or modern, mythical or real. Sisyphus had decided the crime was worth the time. That may be absurd behavior for fictional characters, but as that old saw goes, 'Truth is stranger than fiction'. And fiction, in this case is even stranger. I have found, along with Sis, that life was not meant to be simply enjoyed but enjoyed through great effort. I've finally realized that you have to work as hard at cultivating joy in your life as you do at working to live. Or is that vice versa ...? I think I'm beginning to see the light, if not the rock, on the other side of the mountain.

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