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"Despite the ongoing misrepresentations, isolationists have never suggested that American citizens should refrain from cultural and commercial intercourse with foreign peoples. Unrestricted trade and travel are two of our most cherished rights. Isolationism involves nothing more than the application of the wise counsel proffered by our first, and greatest, President in his Farewell Address: that our federal government should avoid foreign entanglements. Put plainly, no meddling in the affairs of other nations. Let our people mingle with whom they please; make our government mind its own business. It's a good idea, for all times."                                                                                                  --F.R. Duplantier

This is where I spend 40 hours M-F each week, to date. Kevin, Jonathon and Marc are a few of my co-workers. Kevin is the digital video and 3-D guy. Marc and Jonathon are both becoming invaluable in web graphics and web page creation. I am classified as a multimedia specialist for Multimedia Services, part of Distance Learning and Multimedia Services ...yada,yada,yada ... This is a step up for me in my new career as a visual designer. This position is helping me to learn and hone multimedia authoring skills, graphic design and lots of DTP! We use Adobe, MacroMedia and other standard multimedia software. I also work part time as a retail sales associate about 20 hours a week. I abuse myself nights/weekends for a $10.75/hour wage, which allows me to buy medical insurance. The dreaded OPS (Other Personnel Services) Multimedia position offers no benefits/time-off. This of course, leaves me very little leisure time. After 3 years of doing this, however, I wouldn't know what to do with leisure time anyway, except sleep.
If you want to talk shop about Computer Graphics, Web Design or Multimedia Design,
e-mail me.

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