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The KOOKS Unofficial Homepage/Call to Action -
Educate Yourself, Educate Others

Read. Expose yourself to the classics as well as the current writings in political thought. Read opposing views, and decide for yourself. Think.
Listen to talk radio. Get to know your fellow citizens, and the leaders in your community. Get involved if only by watching on the sidelines. Form an opinion.
Try to use reason and logic not emotion, to judge players and events. Try to avoid falling for the Elite's demogogery, when they try to push all your emotional buttons to distract you from what they are really doing. Be willing to hear all sides, then take a position. Don't be afraid to speak up in social situations when the conversation turns to politics. We can change things by educating people with facts and offering our sources for others to check for themselves. Always encourage people to check for themselves. It validates your reasoning and gets people engaged in being active Citizens of their country. Become aware of the 'Game', instead of the passive, fly-over, mind-numbed masses that D.C. politicians and bureacrats rely on to maintain their power to tax and spend.
Write to your Congressmen about legislation that is counter to America's best interests. How can you tell the difference? Follow the money. Who's profiting? If it is not a truly bi-partisan, non-patronage, even-handed law, that penalizes no one and profits all, without re-writing the Constitution, then it is bad law. Let Congress know how you, as their Constituent/Boss think about any/all legislation (that we are allowed to know about) that is up for a vote. It's not only Congress but Judicial interpretation (Supreme Court, Federal Courts) of the Constitution and Executive Orders, that you need to watch. The so-called checks and balances of the "separation of powers" (Legislative, Executive and Judicial) is completely gone! Be alert for end-runs around the original Constitution already made and soon to come.
Someone once said, we get the government we deserve! This means that as a Society, we get a Government that reflects us; the moral and ethical tenor of us as members of that Society. So, if you don't like what you see and hear, take a good look in your mirror and make a change. Get educated, get involved, and speak out! The fence sitter may well find himself impaled on the very stakes he's holding on to in fear of offending the Politically Correct (Thought) Police, uhm, Elite. It is sad that today, as never before, the Created (government) has become greater than the Creator (the People). And 'The People' have allowed this to happen in the name of Social Security, but what is in reality, false security and subjugation of the Individual to the Almighty State.
Finally, get your own house in order. Pray and get right with your God. We all have to do our part, before we will once again be, " Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

And then, maybe, God will once again Bless America.

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