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All of my spare time, you know, the time spent waiting at a red light, or waiting in line at the drive thru or waiting in the doctor's know, spare time! All of it is used. And there is nothing I enjoy more, no absolutely need more, than to escape into someone else's life. I only read what I consider are the best storytellers when I read for fun, which is most of the time. (There's that 'time' word again!) I have divided the types of books I read and would recommend into 4 sections:

  • History
  • Graphic Design
  • Politics
  • Romance

I spend more time in the romance section simply because it was the escape I needed until recently. I am no longer in what I called the "Lost Years" ...that period in life where you find yourself absolutely not where you thought you would be! I have decided I am exactly where I should be with no regrets.

If you enjoy reading as much as I do, please feel free to e-mail me with suggestions. I am eager to find new-to-me writers, especially in the romance genre; and I would appreciate suggestions on good books from any category.

My political views, however, are not so open to change, although I can be persuaded with facts and logic. I believe in political/personal individualism, similar to John Adams' classical 18th century liberalism and fair trade economics. In studying historical/contemporary political thought I have learned that trying to understand the contemporary Commmunist-Socialist-Liberal, however, is a waste of time. I summize that, at the base of Leftist theocracy is a deep-seated hatred of themselves and mankind in general. Personally, I've got to have something a whole lot more interesting to do than trying to remake and rule the world to start the day! My own personal quest is to make the perfect pot of coffee, day! ...

Last modified: September 1999

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